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Original Wembley Turf Paperweight with certificate signed for us by Tottenham legends Bill Nicholson, Martin Chivers and Martin Peters

Original Wembley Turf  Paperweight with certificate signed for us by Tottenham legends Bill Nicholson, Martin Chivers and Martin Peters
Original Wembley Turf Paperweight with certificate signed for us by Tottenham legends Bill Nicholson, Martin Chivers and Martin Peters

The history of the paperweight. In 1999, we were approached by a company who wished to use the name and endorsement of our clients Sir Geoff Hurst and Peter Shilton, with the selling off of the old Wembley.

This included fixtures and fittings, seats and the hallowed Wembley Turf. Working along side another internet selling company, we then marketed and sold quite a number of chairs, live turf and also paperweights. After the last game at Wembley, the Hallowed Turf was moved to a specialized turf harvesting farm and from there we sold over a period of 18 months a lot of the original Wembley Turf. At the end of their contract we were asked what they were to do with what was left of the remaining turn. It was rolled up and brought down to our premises in Hockley Essex and put into one of our fields, where it has remained ever since. It has been cared for, fed watered etc, etc. Some of the flecks of the grass we used in the 2006 Geoff Hurst Book "World Champions" used within the pages in the book.

We use quite a number of celebrities to help us promote the items being sold from Wembley, a number of which signed certificates pertained to the item that was being sold. Some were associated with various clubs, some just legends of Wembley. On recently clearing out boxes, we found quite a number of certificates so of which were signed, which include the Tottenham Legends certificates signed by Bill Nicholson (this was was one of the last commercial activities Bill did before he withdrew from the public eye due to quite a long illness before he passed on). Martin Chivers and Martin Peters,

Chelsea Legends certificate signed by Peter Osgood, Peter Bonnetti and Alan Hudson.

Liverpool Legends signed by Roger Hunt and Ray Clemence.

Manchester United certificate signed by Alex Stepney and Nobby Stiles.

Also have quite a number signed by Geoff Hurst who is one of the biggest and best known names associated with the old Wembley.

Each of the paperweights has the old Wembley Red "W" logo on it also stating "Wembley the end of era 1923 to 2000", each one is also in its own green gift box, again which has been gold stamped "End of an era 1923 to 2000". Each paperweight is round circumference from base round the ball and back round to base is approximately 20 cm. Each of the tuffs of turf inside the paperweight is slightly different and the photograph advertised is used for display purposes only. Please note we only have a limited amount of these signed certificates so please no silly offers.

You can buy a Turf with a certificate from Wembley without any signatures on the certificate. These will make ideal presents and something for the man or women who has everything. This will appeal to not only sports fans from all sports played at the old Wembley but also remembering many pop concerts, like Live Aid, Evil Knievel , the visit of the Pope etc etc All part of that Wembley magic. If anybody interested in quantities of these over 10 of course we will discuss a reasonable wholesale discount. We donít mind shipping them all over the world as this is a truly unique item. Please note that this item has nothing to do with or is it endorsed by the New Wembley. The original agreement was with the Old Wembley